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A collection of Adam's photos, videos, and trip reports.

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Trip Report: Winter Storm Warning in Idyllwild... Who wants to go to Tahquitz???

Following up on Greg and Doug's relatively successful Tahquitz trip a week ago, Doug, Greg, Robb, and I checked the weather every day this past week in hopes of a repeat performance.  We knew a storm was coming, and the mid-week storm (albeit a weak one) that rolled through encouraged us even more.  For decent ice to form at Tahquitz, it needs to be unusually wet and cold and these storms gave us some hope.  And wet it was.  Our only concern was the temperature.


Trip Report: Baby Greg's Red Rocks B-Day

Fun climbing during the days with Jason and some solid partying at night (just ask Eliot how he felt on Monday).  Thanks, Greg, for organizing this fun trip.

After doing "Loose Lady", "Sidewinder", "Skinny Dip", and a couple of others in JTree on Friday, Jason and I ticked off the twin cracks of "Topless Twins" (5.9), a 5.6 crack, the cool lieback/dihedral "Varnishing Point" (5.4, 5.8+), and a variation to "Birdland" (climbing the crack system 50' to the right to join "Birdland" at the 5th pitch) on Saturday, and then "Prince of Darkness" (5.7, 5.10b, 5.10a, 5.9, 5.9, 5.10c) on Sunday.  Great weekend.  Enjoy the photos.


Trip Report: Santee - Carpeted in Green

Today I rounded up a few of the Meetup.com San Diego crew and paid a visit to the Santee Boulders.  The weather was warm, but not too hot and the rocks still relatively clean from the recent rain.  Still, a few geniuses had chalked the crap out of some problems, even caking the edges used only as footholds with chalk.  Seriously people, your shoes do NOT sweat.  Chalking them up only makes you look like an idiot, makes you slip even more, and further polishes the holds.

We started on the Amphitheater, doing the usual slab warm-ups, "Jumpstart", and "Powell Face"...


Trip Report: Sun-Less Ribbon Arete (an oldie, but goodie)

Robb ascending the talus field to the base of the route

"Whose hair-brained idea was this anyway?" I asked Robb as we scrambled up the snowy talus field past Dark Star just as the sun crept close enough to the horizon to see without a headlamp. We were making good time despite the trail conditions on the approach. Sections of ice on the trail combined with plenty of postholing up the switchbacks below First Lake had slowed us down a bit, but we were still making decent time and felt good. It was only 6:30am, but already 5 hours earlier, my cell phone’s alarm had awoken us from our warm slumber in the parking lot. “You sure you don’t want to do Dark Star?” I asked jokingly.