A collection of Adam's photos, videos, and trip reports.

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Home Trip Reports Climbing Trip Report: Santee - Carpeted in Green

Trip Report: Santee - Carpeted in Green

Today I rounded up a few of the Meetup.com San Diego crew and paid a visit to the Santee Boulders.  The weather was warm, but not too hot and the rocks still relatively clean from the recent rain.  Still, a few geniuses had chalked the crap out of some problems, even caking the edges used only as footholds with chalk.  Seriously people, your shoes do NOT sweat.  Chalking them up only makes you look like an idiot, makes you slip even more, and further polishes the holds.

We started on the Amphitheater, doing the usual slab warm-ups, "Jumpstart", and "Powell Face"...

We then gave "Ron's Pharmacy" a quick go before moving on to the "Dead Animal Traverse" and the blank knee-bar, under-cling, blank bulge thing that goes straight up through the middle of the "Dead Animal Traverse".  I'd remembered Erik Roed showing it to me at one point, but had never tried it fearing the bad landing.  But with 4 pads to cover up the ankle-breaker flake buried in the ground, I gave it a go.

I slapped my way up only to find myself palming over the top, sketching out over falling backwards off the thing, trying to figure out what the heck to grab.  Not finding anything decent, I hopped off minimizing the possibility of gettng hurt.  After jumping off, I scrambled up and surveyed the holds up on top.  There wasn't much there, but I did miss a decent left hand sidepull.  The others tried and Bryan eventually sent the problem.  Moments later he was promising himself to never do it again!

We finished off the evening up at the Lieback Rock, enjoying the beautiful evening light.  Thanks to Ron, Jessica, Rick, and Bryan for joining me for another fun, quick evening session at the boulders.