A collection of Adam's photos, videos, and trip reports.

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SOTA Report: Stonewall and Cuyamaca Peak (22-Feb-2015)

With 55mph winds forecasted for the desert, my plans to climb Rabbit and Villager peaks seemed like a bad idea. Now, I'm not opposed to some Type 2 fun (not fun during, but fun when you're done) but it seemed this would just be a bit too much.

I had already called off plans for Rabbit Peak and a San Diego Mountain Rescue member and running friend Erin sent a text asking where and when to meet for the adventure. I conveyed the bad news and offered an alternate plan - bag some peaks in the Cuyamaca area instead. The weather would likely be as bad, but most of the trails are sheltered enough for the suffering to be limited to the highest parts of the exposed summits.


SOTA Report: Sierra Solo and Mazourka

Under 13 lbs… This is going to be a nice pack weight, I said to myself Thursday night as I weighed-in my new 15L ultralight pack, stuffed with the bare necessities for a weekend in the mountains, along with some extra items for fun. About a year ago, I started this game called “Summits On The Air” or “SOTA” which draws amateur radio enthusiasts to operate from mountain tops in order to gather points. I had a grand plan of activating seven SOTA summits to the West of Onion Valley in the Eastern Sierra. It would require two days of effort and a daunting amount of off-trail hiking and scrambling, but I was ready. Stuffed in my pack was